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Chef Marla's Super Shit-arein Seasonings

Throw out your salt & pepper & just use this.
Great on EVERYTHING including baked potatoes, eggs, cottage cheese, french fries, chicken, fish, meat, grilled vegetables, sauteed vegetables, tortilla chips, tuna salad and more.

Available in the following flavors (grab 1 or all - these make great gifts!):

Bull Shit
Chicken Shit
Cow Shit
Dip Shit
Hot Shit
Jack Shit
No Shit
Reel Shit
Stupid Shit

Tough Shit

Same Shit different day

That don't mean shit

No shit Sherlock

You are shitting me

You are such a shit

Old Shit

Holy Shit

Love this shit

Shit happens

Crazy Shit

Lazy shit

Shootin the shit

Horse shit

Deep shit

Give a shit

Get your shit together

Full of shit

Oh Shit

Crock of Shit
Dumb Shit
2021 Here we go again
Your Shit Out of Luck
Up Shit Creek

Chef Marla's Super Shit-arein Seasonings

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